About AWA

The Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing benefits and resources to its members, including more than 7,000 small business owners, self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs across the United States.  

Since its start in 2001, AWA has experienced tremendous growth and is focused on continued growth in the future. With uncertainty in health care, the economy, and other landscapes, our focus has always been the same: providing professional, lifestyle, and health-related benefits to our clients. We also provide advocacy opportunities to ensure they have a voice on the issues that affect their work.  

What Makes Us Unique

While we are proud to offer many resources to our members, everything we can do revolves around one core idea: empowerment. We work to find the best benefits and resources to help each of our members reduce their expenses and take control of their financial and wellness decisions so they can work on what really matters: growing their company.  

The Importance of Our Group Buying Power 

As an association, we have group buying power as well as direct relationships with various benefits providers. As a result, members of AWA can expect discounted rates on everything from health care to consumer and business products and services.  

We Provide the Information You Need  

In addition to offering access to benefits, we also provide comprehensive education to our members. We do this through:  

  • Regular newsletters outlining the latest industry news 
  • Our up-to-date and comprehensive website  
  • An active social medial presence with regular engagement with our members 
  • Targeted, useful email updates with all the information required to stay up to date on the benefits we offer 

We know that there is a wealth of information out there but a dearth of valuable, comprehensive, and trustworthy information. That is where we come in. We feature the latest information on a variety of topics, including business, finance, wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, philanthropy, and other relevant information.  

Take Advantage of Advocacy Opportunities 

We have created a partnership with Small Business Majority, a national advocacy group, to offer advocacy opportunities to our members as we support them in business growth. As a member of the Affiliated Workers Association, you can participate in the monthly government conference calls and webinars run by Small Business Majority.  

You should have a voice on the issues that impact your business, but as a single voice, it might not feel like you are heard. By joining AWA and taking advantage of our partnership with Small Business Majority, you can feel confident your voice will be heard.  

Members Of The Affiliated Workers Association

affiliated workers association woman on computer in store retail clothing working

At AWA, we are proud to offer membership to individuals who are over the age of 18 and are classified as one of the following: 

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Self-employed professionals 
  • Small business owners 
  • Independent contractors  

We have a diverse member base and know that this diversity is what makes us strong. Our membership includes people from all walks of life and who are located throughout the country, from a Texas web designer to a flower shop owner in Florida.  

A Look at the Leadership  

The Board of Directors that governs AWA has more than 100 years of combined professional experience over many different industries. We have specifically chosen a diverse Board to ensure they can represent our diverse membership base. 

This leadership team provides direction on the best benefits and resources that can help support our members, both looking toward what can be done today and what might be done in the future.  

Our Strategic Partnerships Make Us Stronger

We believe in vital, strategic partnerships, and that is why AWA has partnered with Small Business Majority, a national advocacy group, as well as Premier Health Solutions LLC, a company that provides members with benefits administration.  

Small Business Majority  

Using this partnership, AWA assists its members in their business growth by providing information on relevant topics such as government, health care reform, clean energy, and business issues. Additionally, AWA provides its members with the opportunity to advocate on issues that may affect their small businesses.  

Members can also engage in monthly conference calls hosted by the Chamber Chatter program, where they can speak with government representatives about current small business concerns. These conversations provide an opportunity for members to receive answers to their concerns and express their opinions on the issue under discussion.  

Current articles on SBM are featured in AWA newsletters and information on future events and how to register for webinars and monthly conference calls.  

Premier Health Solutions  

With the help of Premier Health Solutions, LLC., AWA is able to provide benefits administration for its members, including support for small business and consumer benefits as well as health insurance and wellness programs.  

AWA's ongoing commitment to providing the best membership benefits to its members, coupled with Premier Health Solutions' industry expertise as a third-party administrator and general managing agency, brings unrivaled experience in researching and supporting high-quality benefits and services to the organization.  

Premier Health Solutions has been dedicated to making health care more accessible to everyone since 2012. The company markets and administers insurance products and benefits from well-known carriers and providers, including major medical and supplementary insurance plans.  

A Look To The Future

While we are proud of the growth we have achieved in the last 20+ years, we do not take it for granted, and we know that we are only as valuable as what we are currently offering our members.  

With that in mind, our future involves continuing to find innovative ways to be a valuable resource that our members can count on. We will continue to research benefits and resources that have the potential to save you money and time.  

Our members are busy people with busy lifestyles, and we aim to help find the solutions that give them the time they need to truly focus on growing their business. We look forward to growing with our members and to continue to be a valued partner in decades to come.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliated Workers Association

Do you have additional questions about who Affiliated Workers Association is and what we can do for our members? Keep reading for the answers you need. 

What specific benefits does the AWA offer? 

We offer a wealth of informational resources, advocacy options, and access to the following benefits:  

    • Fixed-Benefit Indemnity 
    • Accident Insurance  
    • Dental Insurance  
    • Vision Insurance 
    • Prescription Benefits 
    • Term Life Insurance 

What makes the AWA different from other resources 

Our 20+ years in business, commitment to providing access to quality services, and the long list of benefits our members receive. 

How much does it cost to join AWA? 

You can review AWA membership plans to see our current rates. 

Do you offer benefits for spouses and family members? 

Many of the wellness benefits we offer can include coverage for your spouse and/or dependent family members.  

Can anyone in the United States join the AWA? 

Most people over the age of 18 can join, but there are some states in which our benefits are not available.  

Contact Us With Questions

AWA is here to help you and your business grow. Questions about the Affiliated Workers Association or what we offer? Complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch on how we can benefit you.