About AWA

The Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) is a non-profit organization consisting of over 7,000 small business owners, self-employed individuals, independent contractors and entrepreneurs from across the nation. Since 2001, AWA has grown tremendously and continues to grow and serve its members. Although times have been uncertain with the changes in the economy and health care landscape, the focus of AWA has remained constant. AWA is dedicated to providing benefits and resources to help its members with professional, lifestyle and health-related benefits, as well as advocacy opportunities so they can have a voice on issues that may impact their business success.

Our Approach

One word that defines our commitment to our members: Empowerment. We work tirelessly to seek out top-quality benefits and resources to help our members reduce their expenses, take control of their wellness and financial decisions and learn to succeed in their personal and business endeavors. Through the group buying power of an association, as well as relationships with benefit providers, AWA members receive discounted rates on health care, consumer and business products and services.

AWA strives to be a valued resource for information that is relevant to our members. Through our newsletters, website and social media, we feature topics on business, finance, wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, philanthropy and more. We partnered with a national advocacy group, Small Business Majority, to provide advocacy opportunities, support our members in business growth and provide information to keep them up-to-date on pertinent business topics. Our members can participate on Small Business Majority monthly government conference calls and webinars so they can have a voice on issues that may impact their business. True to our commitment on educating our members, AWA sends email communication to members to help them stay educated on the benefits included in membership.

Who We Serve

Membership is open to entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, small business owners and independent contractors, age 18 and over. Our diversity makes us strong. Our membership represents people from all walks of life and locations across the country, from a web designer in Texas to a shop owner in Florida.

Our Vision

AWA, with its commitment to the success and wellness of its members, will continue to be a valuable resource our members can count on. In line with our vision, we will continue to research benefits and resources that offer money and time saving solutions to help our members manage their busy lifestyle, so they can focus on their family and business. We look forward to growing our association and continuing to be a valued partner in the future.

Our Leadership and Partners

AWA is governed by a Board of Directors with more than 100 years of professional experience in a variety of industries, representing our membership base. The leadership team provides direction on the best benefits and resources that support members' needs, as well as provide insight into the future of the association.

By partnering with a national advocacy group, Small Business Majority, AWA supports its members in their business growth by providing information on pertinent topics and giving access to SBM webinars, monthly calls and articles.  Another strategic partner, Premier Health Solutions, LLC. provides AWA with benefits administration for its members - including support for its small business, consumer, health insurance and wellness benefits.

For more information about AWA and its leadership and partners, please visit www.affiliatedworkersassociation.org.