AWA offers members fixed-benefit indemnity benefits to promote good health by providing the benefits members need like Doctor Office Visits, Diagnostic Tests, Hospital Confinement and more. Maintaining good health decreases missed days at work and lost wages, helping members better provide for their families.

Fixed-indemnity, limited-benefit health insurance plans pay a predetermined amount on a per-period or per-incident basis, regardless of the total charges incurred. Their primary purpose is to help members manage their preventive care and everyday health care expenses: doctor office visits, prescriptions and diagnostics. Like medical plans with a PPO, they also provide consumers with a wider choice of doctors for managing their health care.

By paying set dollar amounts for covered health care services, members don't have to worry about deductibles or copays.

AWA Memberships with Fixed-Benefit Indemnity Benefits

The AWA HealthGuard membership includes valuable discounts and special offers on a variety of consumer, business and health care programs and services along with Accident and Sickness Limited Benefit insurance to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses.


For more information on AWA memberships that include fixed-benefit indemnity insurance benefits, please contact us here.

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