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About AWA Advantage

AWA Advantage

AWA Advantage membership includes a variety of programs and discounts to help save you time and money, so you can focus on your business and family. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, access to quality benefits and resources that can help you start and run your business is imperative, and AWA Advantage can help. Best of all, when all of these benefits are used together, the savings add up fast.

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Association Benefits

Consumer Solutions

MSA Financial Coaching

Through My Secure Advantage (MSA), AWA members and eligible family members have all the resources needed to feel confident about financial goals in any stage of life – be it growing a family, buying a house, caring for aging parents, or planning retirement.

CLC Legal Access

Through the CLC Legal Access program, our members have access to free initial legal consultations and discounted services to address many common legal concerns. Members also receive simple will preparation and access to online legal resources at no additional cost.

CLC ID Theft & Fraud Resolution

Members and family receive identity theft and fraud resolution services through CLC, Inc. The CLC identity theft resolution program was developed to help guide victims of identity theft and other fraudulent crimes through the complex process of restoring their personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity. This benefit includes ID Monitoring, Fraud Restoration, Document Preparation, Lost/Stolen Purse or Wallet Services, Financial Coaching, and Legal Consultation.

Everyday Savings

Discover BIG savings on National Brands to fit your every need through the Everyday Savings website. AWA members have access to customize your savings experience and make saving money even easier with “My Savings.” Here, you can organize your favorite offers, explore previous searches and even discover a few suggestions for your next vacation! You can also calculate how much you can save with our Savings Calculator! From auto service and car rentals to shopping and travel – it only takes a few purchases for savings to add up. Plus, enjoy your savings on the go with the My Deals App.

True Car Auto Buying Service

Save time and money shopping for a new or used car through True Car. Members receive exclusive pricing, price protection and a hassle-free buying experience at thousands of Certified Dealers.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

AWA members can gain peace of mind on the road by registering for Emergency Roadside Assistance through Road America. Once registered, you will receive emergency roadside assistance membership materials including membership cards that will enable you and your family to get assistance from a participating service provider whenever car troubles arise.

Pet Care Savings Program

Pet Assure is a complete pet care savings program that has been helping pet families like yours save on out-of-pocket vet expenses since 1995. Whether you have no insurance or have a claim that is not covered by insurance, Pet Assure saves you on every medical procedure and office visit, without any limitations and without expensive premiums.  Receive a 25% discount on Veterinary Care and save 5% to 35% on pet supplies and services. If you have pets in your family, this is one benefit you’ll use over and over again!

Travel Assistance Program

As an AWA member, you receive a number of services through the Travel Assistance Program when you are traveling more than 100 miles from your permanent residence. Lifeguard Emergency Travel Assistance provides these Travel Assist services. Association members have access to the following services when Lifeguard Emergency Travels Assistance Center has been contacted first: Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation, Transportation of Mortal Remains, Transportation of Escort, Family Visitation, Minor Children/Return Escort, Vehicle Return, 24-Hour Information Service, Medical Monitoring, Medical Referral, Guarantee of Medical Expenses, Insurance Coordination, Lost Documentation Service, Emergency Delivery of Prescription Items, and Emergency Cash Transfer & Advances.

Health Care Programs & Discounts


Talk to a doctor by phone, web or mobile app anytime, anywhere. From your home, office, hotel room, or vacation campsite, simply make a phone call, and in most cases, speak to a doctor in less than 30 minutes, with an average call back time of less than 10 minutes. When you call Teladoc, you will always speak to a doctor who lives and works in the United States and is licensed to practice medicine in your state. Teladoc is also the only telemedicine provider able to treat children from 0-17¹. It’s health care that fits in the palm of your hand.

¹Consults for children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or approved consenter.

Emergency Medical Air Transport

At home or abroad, the entire suite of AirMed medical transport benefits is available to AWA members* without deductibles, claim forms or out-of-pocket expenses.

If a medical emergency occurs while you are hours from home or halfway around the globe, members have seamless access to the highest level of acute care provided by the leading air medical company in North America – AirMed.

*Must be enrolled on an AWA membership that includes AirMed.

Alight Patient Advocacy Services

Finding affordable and high-quality healthcare services can be overwhelming and difficult for consumers. Fortunately, Alight makes it easy for our members to find the best care at the right price. This program allows you to compare the cost of many procedures, medications and hospitals. It also provides access to unbiased doctor recommendations, so you can chose the provider that best meets your needs.

You can use Alight for these services and much more:

  • Price comparisons for procedures, medications and hospitals to get the best care at the best price
  • Unbiased doctor recommendations
  • Bill review, problem resolution and price negotiations
  • Facilitating communication between doctors
  • Finding lower-costing drug alternatives
  • Insider information for saving money on health care
Discount Prescription Program

This Rx program is designed to offer maximum discounts on prescription medication in a simple 4-Tier format. The program has an open formulary which means that brand and generic medications are eligible for discounts.  Average savings are roughly 30% and as high as 75% on some medications. The Discount Rx Program is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including major chains like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Walmart.

Look up drugs and participating pharmacies at

Hearing Products and Screenings

Members and their immediate family members (grandparents, parents, spouse and children) will receive complimentary hearing screenings and a 15% retail discount off the usual and customary retail price of any Beltone hearing instrument at any of over 1,500 locations throughout the United States.

Wellness Program & Fitness Network

AWA members have access to a variety of chiropractic and alternative medicine services. The network includes more than 40,000 credentialed complementary health care providers – chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, podiatrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Members receive discounts of 25% off usual and customary fees for services from network providers. Members can also choose from over 10,000 fitness clubs and exercise centers nationwide and receive at least 10% off the initiation fee and/or monthly dues.


Members and their dependents can save 15% to 50%* on dental care through our Dental network of over 110,000 participating provider listings, including both general dentists and specialists across America.

Simply select a participating dentist in your area and present your membership card at your appointment to receive the discounted rates. There is no limit to the number of visits and you can change dentists within the network at any time for any reason.

*Actual costs and savings vary by geographic area. Not available in AK, MT, ND, OK, SD, UT, VT, WA, WY.

EyeMed Vision Network Savings

Access to a national network of over 65,000 vision providers in 26,000+ locations, including LensCrafters®, Sears Optical®, Target Optical®, JCPenney Optical® and most Pearle Vision® locations. Members enjoy their choice of participating independent optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians located throughout the country.

Laboratory Testing

MyMedLab offers an efficient, affordable and confidential solution to medical laboratory testing. You can purchase the same testing ordered by your doctor at a cost 50% to 80% less than in your doctor’s office or local hospital lab.

Testing can be purchased 24 hours a day on the MyMedLab website. Tests are listed both individually and in groups called Wellness Profiles based on your age, sex and family history. This basic information is all you need to identify which profile evaluates your risk for common conditions associated with your specific group.

Diagnostic Testing

MDsave gives you a better way to buy your medical services, like radiology testing. You get one upfront, easy-to-understand price, which includes the most common fees that go along with your procedure. That means no surprise bills later!  Doctors and hospitals partner with MDsave to help you afford your out-of-pocket costs. When you prepay through MDsave, your medical provider is able to offer special pricing on the same quality care because it makes the billing process more efficient.

Swanson Vitamins

There are many positive health benefits that can result from a daily regimen of vitamin supplements.  Many people consider a vitamin and mineral supplement program to be an important part of their overall health strategy.

The Swanson website includes search categories like Vision Health, Dental & Oral Health, Immune Support, Blood Sugar Support and more! Visit the Swanson Blog for timely tips on vitamins & supplements, food & nutrition, health & beauty and recipes.

Members can save an additional 15% on a wide range of Swanson brand vitamins and mineral supplements online.

Health & Wellness Program

MyeWellness is about promoting personal health and fitness through the natural therapies of diet, nutritional supplements, the benefits of exercise, as well as having a healthy attitude to help improve your total quality of life. AWA members receive a comprehensive resource that aims to help you achieve personal health and wellness goals regardless of age, gender or level of fitness. This program provides you with the tools to make wellness part of your daily life. The MyeWellness site is quick, simple and easy to navigate!

Business Solutions

Business AdvantEdge

The Business AdvantEdge Program provides you with access to discounted business services. You can save money on a variety of services through many more vendors on the Business AdvantEdge website. New Vendors and services are always being added, so be sure to visit the website frequently to access all of the services available to help you save time and money so you can focus on the success of your small business.

ADP Payroll Processing

Members can access a 25% discount on processing costs and a free month of payroll processing. In addition, the one-time setup fee will be waived.

Computer and Technology Products

HP offers members affordable pricing on business and home office products. Members receive discounts on HP notebooks, laptops, desktops, servers, printers, digital cameras, handhelds, point-of-sale (scanners, cash registers, etc.) and more.

NAC Web Services

Members can access discounts on website development and maintenance as well as web hosting. Their experienced staff of programmers and graphic designers offer creative and intuitive websites custom-built to your specifications.

Office Depot Office Supplies

Members save 15% off hundreds of office supplies and 60% off printing online, by phone/fax, or in stores. Members also receive additional monthly special offers and incentives, as well as free next day delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more (reduced shipping costs for lesser orders).


Sprint/T-Mobile Wireless Services
Get more savings and more value as you add more lines to your small business Sprint account. In addition to member discounts on devices and monthly plans, leverage Sprint’s easy team management solutions, priority support, and mobile security features.  Members receive up to $650 in credits for each line you switch to Sprint’s network, as well as access to business features like in-vehicle wifi, push-to-talk connectivity and fleet management solutions.

UPS Shipping

Members receive discounts on UPS delivery services for a variety of next day, 2-day and 3-day shipping options.

Monthly Rates

Monthly Membership Rates Chart

* Rates include a $5 monthly administration fee.

FAQ / About the Carrier

Small Business National Advocacy

Small Business Majority




The AWA is proud to be a strategic partner with a national advocacy group, Small Business Majority, to support our members in small business growth and provide information on issues that impact small businesses, including government, health care reform, clean energy, and other areas.

How to Join

Join AWA today to begin enjoying these benefits and more! Call (844) 347-2068 or

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Membership Eligibility

  • Reside in an available state
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Spouses or domestic partners and/or dependents eligible


N/A in AK, HI, NY, UT, VT, WA.

What Do You Need and How Can We Help?

As a small business, finding the right insurance products can be a challenge. At AWA, we understand these challenges and have created a suite of benefits that can help you finally get the right small business insurance products for your unique needs.

Association Benefits

Members of AWA Advantage enjoy many association benefits and incentives that can help save time and money. We know our clients want to focus on their company and family.

Access to quality benefits and services we offer, such as small business insurance options, can help you establish and operate your business. AWA Advantage provides access to critical benefits and incentives for the small business owner or entrepreneur.

Best of all, when all of these advantages are combined, the savings mount up quickly.

Consumer Discounts

AWA Advantage includes eight separate programs to provide consumer discounts to our members.

MSA Financial Coaching

AWA members and qualified family members have access to all of the information they need to feel secure about their financial objectives at every stage of life, whether they’re starting a family, purchasing a home, caring for aged parents, or planning for retirement, thanks to My Secure Advantage (MSA).

CLC Legal Access

Our members have access to free first legal consultations and subsidized services through the CLC Legal Access program, which addresses a variety of common legal problems. At no extra charge, members also get basic will preparation and access to online legal resources.

CLC ID Theft & Fraud Resolution

CLC, Inc. provides identity theft and fraud resolution services to members and their families. The CLC identity theft resolution program was created to assist victims of identity theft and other fraudulent crimes in reclaiming their personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity.

The package includes:

  • ID Monitoring
  • Fraud Restoration
  • Document Preparation
  • Lost/Stolen Purse or Wallet Services
  • Financial Coaching
  • Legal Consultation

Everyday Savings

Through the Everyday Discounts website, you can get significant savings on National Brands to suit your every need. With “My Savings,” AWA members may personalize their savings experience and make saving money even simpler.

You can categorize your favorite deals, look through previous searches, and perhaps get some ideas for your next vacation. You may also use our Savings Calculator to see how much money you can save.

It only takes a few transactions to save money on anything from vehicle service and car rentals to shopping and vacation. Plus, with the My Deals App, you can save even on the road.

True Car Auto Buying Service

True Automobile can help you save time and money while looking for a new or used car. Members get unique pricing, price protection, and a hassle-free shopping experience at thousands of Certified Dealers.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

AWA members may have peace of mind on the road by signing up for Road America’s Emergency Roadside Assistance small business insurance. This coverage enables you and your family to seek assistance from a participating service provider if auto troubles occur.

Pet Care Savings Program

Since 1995, Pet Assure has been helping pet owners like yours save money on out-of-pocket vet expenditures. Whether you don’t have insurance or have a claim that isn’t covered by it, Pet Assure saves you money on every medical treatment and office visit, with no restrictions or high premiums.

Get a 25% discount on veterinary care and a 5 percent to 35 percent discount on pet products and services. If you have pets in your household, this is a perk you’ll appreciate time and time again.

Travel Assistance Program

When you travel more than 100 miles from your regular home as an AWA member, you may make use of a variety of services through the Travel Assistance Program. Lifeguard Emergency Travel Assistance provides these Travel Assist services.

When the Lifeguard Emergency Travels Assistance Center is contacted, association members have access to the following services

  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Transportation of Mortal Remains
  • Transportation of Escort
  • Family Visitation
  • Minor Children/Return Escort
  • Vehicle Return
  • 24-Hour Information Service
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Medical Referral
  • Guarantee of Medical Expenses
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Lost Documentation Service
  • Emergency Delivery of Prescriptions
  • Emergency Cash Transfers
  • Emergency Cash Advantages

Small Business Solutions

Your company has many expenses, from small business insurance to payroll processing. We have compiled a key combination of solutions that provides discounts and access to exceptional business services.

Business AdvantEdge

You will have access to reduced prices on business services through the Business AdvantEdge Program. New vendors and services are introduced often, so check back regularly to see all of the services available to help you save time and money so you can focus on your small business’s success.

ADP Payroll Processing

AWA members can enjoy a 25% discount on their processing costs, a free month of payroll, and a waiver for the one-time setup cost.

Computer and Technology Products

Get discounts on business and home office supplies from HP by joining AWA. Discounts can be used on a long list of products, including:

  • HP notebooks
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Digital cameras
  • Handhelds
  • Point-of-sale (scanners, cash registers, and more)

NAC Web Services

Enjoy discounts on web services from NAC Web Services, including website development, maintenance, and web hosting. You can see significant benefits from working with their experienced staff of graphic designers and programmers. Get your website built to your specific specifications – for less!

Office Depot Office Supplies

Even more office supply discounts are available from Office Depot. Get 15% off hundreds of options. Save 60% when you print online, by phone, by fax, or in-store. You’ll also get exclusive monthly special offers and incentives. You’ll pay less for shipping, too: orders over $50 receive free next-day delivery, and orders for less than $50 come with a reduced shipping fee.

Sprint/T-Mobile Wireless Service

When you switch a line to Sprint as an AWA member, you’ll receive $650 in credits for each line. You’ll also get member discounts on devices and your monthly plan, priority support, Sprint’s easy management solutions, mobile security, and much more.

UPS Shipping

Shipping is made easy with discounts on UPS delivery services for next-day, two-day, and three-day shipping.

Health Care Discounts

Small business insurance is one of the most significant costs for companies. The needs of each company are unique, and that is why we provide a long list of health care discounts and options.

Teladoc Telehealth

Patients can speak to a doctor within 30 minutes of a call for help from their workplace, hotel, campground – anytime, anyplace. Access is available by phone, computer, or mobile app. Every doctor available with this program lives and works in the U.S. and is licensed to practice medicine in the state in which the call comes from.

Are there other companies providing this service? Yes, but Teladoc is also the only telemedicine company that can treat people ranging in age from 0 to 171. It’s personal health care in the palm of your hand.

AirMed Emergency Medical Air Transport

Members get seamless access to the highest quality of acute treatment offered by the foremost air medical firm in North America – AirMed – if a medical emergency arises when they are hours away from home or halfway around the world.

Alight Patient Advocacy Services

Alight makes it simple for our members to locate the greatest healthcare services at the best price. You may use this tool to compare the costs of various surgeries, drugs, and facilities. It also gives you access to unbiased doctor recommendations, allowing you to pick the best physician for your requirements.

Some of the services available from Alight include:

  • Price comparisons for surgeries, drugs, and hospitals to ensure that you get the finest possible treatment at the most affordable price
  • Unbiased doctors’ advice
  • Assistance reviewing bills, resolving issues, and negotiating prices
  • Insider knowledge on how to save money on health care and small business insurance

Discount Prescription Program

Brand name medications and generic medications are both available for discounts with this discount prescription program. Average savings is around 30%, with some saving as much as 75%. Accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies in the country, it is also accepted at your local chains like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Beltone Hearing Products and Screenings

Members receive free hearing screenings and 15% off the price of Beltone hearing instruments. This discount is available at more than 1,500 locations in the U.S. and transfers to the member’s immediate family members, too, such as their grandparent, parent, spouse, and child.

ChooseHealthy Wellness Program & Fitness Network

Get access to 40,000+ credentialed health care providers, including:

  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Podiatrists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupation therapists

Members enjoy 25% off from network providers. They can also receive at least 10% off sign-up fees and/or monthly membership fees at more than 10,000 fitness clubs and exercise centers.

Cigna Dental

Dental is an essential aspect of small business insurance, and we make it easier for members and their dependents to save as much as 50% on dental care at more than 110,000 providers – including generalists and specialists.

EyeMed Vision Network Savings

Choose from 65,000+ network vision providers in more than 26,000 locations such as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, and LensCrafters.

MyMedlab Laboratory Testing

AWA members can take advantage of efficient, affordable solutions when they need medical lab testing. Get the exact testing you’d get with your doctor but at up to 80% off.

MDsave Diagnostic Testing

When you need medical services such as radiology testing, MDsave provides an easier way. You get an upfront, simple price that includes the fees that come with the procedure. Doctors and hospitals choose to work with MDsave to help keep costs low. You’ll get even better rates if you’re able to prepay through the program.

Swanson Vitamins

Vitamins are available at a 15% discount on nearly all of Swanson’s online supplements. You can buy directly from their website and find options for:

  • Vision Health
  • Dental & Oral Health
  • Immune Support
  • Blood Sugar Support

MyeWellness Health & Wellness Program

Improve your health and fitness with natural therapies, exercise, nutritional supplements, and a positive attitude. Our members receive MyeWellness resources that can help people of any age, gender, or fitness level.

Contact Us With Your Questions

Questions about small business insurance with Affiliated Workers Association? Feel free to contact us or give us a call today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Health Care Discounts Disclosure

Not available in AK, OK, UT, VT, WA. If members move to one of those states, their discount medical benefits will terminate.
Disclosures: The discount medical, health, and drug benefits of this Plan (The Plan) are NOT insurance, a health insurance policy, a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The Plan provides discounts for certain medical services, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs or medical equipment and supplies offered by providers who have agreed to participate in The Plan. The range of discounts for medical, pharmacy or ancillary services offered under The Plan will vary depending on the type of provider and products or services received. The Plan does not make and is prohibited from making members’ payments to providers for products or services received under The Plan. The Plan member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted prescription drugs, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive a discount on certain identified medical, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies from providers in The Plan. The Discount Medical Plan Organization/Discount Plan Organization is Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc., 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1500, Dallas, Texas 75244. You may call (214) 436-8881 or email for more information or visit for a list of providers. The Plan will make available, before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area. Any complaints should be directed to Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. at the address or phone number above. Upon receipt of the complaint, member will receive confirmation of receipt within 5 business days. After investigation of the complaint, Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. will provide member with the results and a proposed resolution no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint. Note to DE, IL, LA, NE, NH, OH, RI, SD, TX, and WV consumers: If you remain dissatisfied after completing the complaint system, you may contact your state department of insurance.

Note to MA consumers: The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00.