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About AWA Dental Plus

AWA Dental Plus is a fully insured dental plan that pays for services and procedures based on a graduating scale of benefits percentages that increase over a period of three years. The plan pays the highest benefits on Year 3, so it is to the member’s advantage to maintain their dental plan. AWA Dental Plus also includes an orthodontic benefit for dependent children to age 19. Members have access to the Alliance dental PPO network, one of the largest Dental PPO Networks in the country, with more than 101,000 unique dentists at 349,000 access points nationwide.  With so many options, there is sure to be a network provider nearby.

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Association Benefits

Health Care Discounts

ScriptSave Rx Savings Card

The ScriptSave Rx Prescription Savings Card provides you access to discounted prescription drug prices. Get instant savings at the pharmacy register on brand-name and generic prescription medications for you and your entire household — even pets.  There are no limits on how many times members and their families can use the card.

Davis Vision

Davis Vision is pleased to provide members with a low-cost, traditional Vision Discount Program that provides discounts on eye exams, lenses, frames and additional eyewear options. Members simply visit a participating vision provider and present their discount card. With 30,000 participating vision providers, members can find a provider near them by calling Davis Vision at (877) 923-2847 or visiting

Insured Benefits

Concordia Select Plan

United Concordia

Concordia Select Plan1Wait PeriodYear 1Year 2Year 3
Class 1 – Diagnostic/Preventive Services (Excluded from Annual Plan Maximum)
Bitewing X-Rays
All Other X-Rays
Cleanings & Fluoride Treatments
(includes 1 additional cleaning during pregnancy)
Palliative Treatment
Sealants for children 15 and under
(1 per tooth per 3 years)
Class 2 – Basic Services
Basic Restorative (Amalgam Fillings)None40%80%90%
Simple Extractions
Space Maintainers
Repairs of Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, & Dentures
Nonsurgical Periodontics
Surgical Periodontics
Complex Oral Surgery
General Anesthesia
Class 3 – Major Services
Prosthetics (Bridges, Dentures)
Orthodontic (Dependent children to age 19)
Diagnostic, Active, Retention Treatment50%
Maximums & Deductibles (Cumulative of network and non-network)
Deductible (per person/per family) Per Calendar Year$50/$150
Excludes Class 1 & Orthodontics
Maximum (per person) Per Calendar Year$1200
Excludes Class 1 & Orthodontics
Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum2$1200
Dental PPO NetworkAlliance


The percentage shown is the percentage of the policy’s maximum allowable charges (MACs) that the policy will pay for covered services provided by either a participating dentist or a nonparticipating dentist. participating dentists accept the maximum allowable charge as payment in full. Nonparticipating dentists may bill you for the difference between their charge and the maximum allowable charge paid by the policy. United Concordia Dental’s standard exclusions apply. Dependent children are eligible to age 26 in all states. The United Concordia Individual Dental Insurance Policy (“Policy”) includes a complete listing of covered services, limitations, exclusions, cancellation and renewal provisions. In the event of conflict, the Policy will govern. PPO individual dental products underwritten by: United Concordia Insurance Company when issued in AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IN, LA, MA, MI, MS, NM, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA and WV; United Concordia Life and Health Insurance Company when issued in DC, DE, IL, KY, MD, MO, NC, NJ and PA; United Concordia Dental Corporation of Alabama when issued in AL; and United Concordia Insurance Company of New York when issued in NY. United Concordia Insurance Company is not licensed in AL, DE, DC, IL, KY, MD, MO, NJ, NY, NC and PA. Not all products are available in all jurisdictions. United Concordia policies cover dental benefits only. United Concordia Insurance Company, California certificate of authority number 3739-0, is domiciled in Arizona at its statutory address, 2198 East Camelback Road, Suite 260, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Available Concordia products are underwritten by United Concordia Insurance Company in OK and written on OK policy form OKIN01-0312UCIC. The administrative office of UCCI and/or its licensed corporate affiliates is located at 4401 Deer Path Road, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

1 Issue Age is 18 and over; dependent children covered up to age 26.
2 Orthodontics is for dependent children up to age 19.

Monthly Rates

AWA Dental Plus Monthly Membership Rates
Member + 1$143
Member + Family$215
One-time enrollment fee applies.

FAQ / About the Carrier

About the Carrier

United Concordia

United Concordia knows how important oral health is to overall health—they have specialized in dental insurance for over 40 years. A national dental-care company, United Concordia has provided flexible, affordable dental insurance plans and great customer service to more than 7.5 million members nationwide. A recognized leader in the industry, United Concordia focuses on improving the oral health and well-being of the members they serve.

Membership Eligibility

  • Reside in an available state
  • Adults age eighteen (18) or above
  • Dependent children covered to age 26
AWA Dental Plus is NOT Available in: AK, HI, ME, NY, OR, VT, WA.